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80G and 12A Registration in Jaipur Advantages of Section 80G Registration in Jaipur

80G and 12A Registration in Jaipur

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Introduction to Section 80G and 12A

The 12A and 80G registration process usually needs to be done by an NGO immediately after its installation. 80G Registration and 12A Registration only apply to NGOs and charities: -

  • No income is generated from the business
  • It could be a charity or a registered society
  • They should not use their property or income for any purpose other than a charitable organization
  • Keeps a regular record of receipt accounts and their expenses.
  • The Trustees or the governing body of the organization do not receive any unnecessary benefits from these funds
  • They should not work for the benefit of any particular religion or caste
  • If there is a business-related income, there should be separate accounts reserved for them. Donations received by an NGO should not be used for such businesses.

The 80G certificate is issued to a non-profit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO), a charitable organization or a Section 8 Company by Department of Taxation. The purpose of the 80G certification is to encourage more donors to donate to such organizations. The benefit that a donor receives from donating to such an NGO is that he/she receives tax exemption from 50% of his/her contribution as the donor is allowed to deduct his/her donations from their Gross Total Income. To get a tax exemption, the donor needs to attach a stamped receipt against the NGO contribution - the receipt needs to include the organization's name, date, and PAN.

Trusts and NGOs and other Section 8 companies enjoys a tax exemption. NGOs are actually organizations dedicated to charitable and non-profit activities. However, they have an income and will be required to pay tax on standard rates if they are not registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act. Section 12A of the IT Act, 1962 does not distinguish between charitable and religious organizations. 12A registration therefore applies to both types of organizations.

Advantages of Section 80G

Advantages of 12A Registration in Jaipur
Government Strategies and Grants-
By taking the exemption certificate obtained under 12A a company such as an NGO or Society can use all kinds of programs and grants offered by the government. This will not be possible if the NGO or community does not consider this type of registration.
Process for 80G and 12A Registration in Jaipur
Tax Exemption-
By demanding this exemption the NGO or Organization will be exempt from paying taxes. For this purpose the NGO will need to issue a 12A certificate in order to claim such exemption.

FAQs on 80G and 12A Registration in Jaipur
Proof of Presence-
Such a certificate can be a valid and valid proof of the existence of a government that this type of business is registered. Legal evidence may be available to enable a company to secure a certain type of grant or government loan.
12A and 80G Registration for Certificate
Works on NGOs and societies-
Another thing is that this type of certificate will not only apply to NGOs; will also be available to registered societies in accordance with the requirements.

Advantages of 12A Registration

As soon as the NGO or society is registered under section 12A, they will revel in benefits under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
80G and 12A Registration Online
Boosts reputation-
Having an 80G registration certificate can make a business a good reputation in the eyes of the public. This certificate enables donors to secure certain types of exemptions and to pay less tax when it comes to donating to a particular NGO. This certificate is therefore useful for the donor.
12a and 80g Registratio
Saves tax-
Donors can use this NGO certificate to save taxes while paying a certain amount of tax to the appropriate government officials.

What is 80G and 12A Registration ?
Additional Donors-
Having this certificate not only enhances the reputation of the NGO or the society but also increases the number of sponsors. Additional donors will be able to claim tax exemptions under this program.
Procedure for 80G and 12A Registration in Jaipur
Government support-
The government may provide various forms of grants and support related to NGOs and communities with these certificates.

Checklist of Documents

Form 10G.
Registration certificate and MoA in the case of Section 8 companies and organizations; Trust Deed if there is a Trust.
There is no certificate of opposition from the owner of the premises in which the registered office of the Center is located.
Copy of the NGO PAN card.

Copy of Consumer Debt - Electricity Debts, Water Debt or Domestic Tax Receipt.

Education Certificate

List of providers and their full address and PAN.

Documents Book of Accounts and Income Tax Return, for the past three years.
A list of social services performed and a progress report for the past three years.
Detailed list of trustee board.
Title Deed - Real RC, MoA or Trust Deed

Registration process

Registration process to apply for a Section 80G Registration

An application for an 80G certificate needs to be submitted to the Income Tax Commissioner(s) for the area of jurisdiction of the institution.
Once the required documents and 80G registration form has been submitted, a site inspection is conducted by the Income Tax department.
Officials may request additional documentation and evidence to be obtained by the institution.
For satisfactory verification and processing of documents by the NGO office, an 80G certificate is issued to the institution by the Commissioner.

Registration process to apply for a Section 12A Registration

An application must be made using Form 10A, in terms of the Income Tax Act 17A, 1962. The application needs to be completed by the Commissioner for the Income Tax Administration (Exemptions).
Once the Form and documents have been received, the Commissioner confirms the authenticity of the organization’s activities. He can quote additional texts and information as it seems appropriate.
In a satisfactory report, you will approve the written order for 12A Registration. In the event that the Commissioner is not satisfied he or she will reject the application after which the applicant has been given a reasonable opportunity to be heard.
The Registration under Section 12A may be revoked at any time subject to evidence that the activities of the institution are contrary to the objective of the institution or are fake or benefit a particular religion or category or funds are invested in illegal means or institutional income is used to help certain people.

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FAQs on 80G and 12A Registration

  • The person making the appropriate contribution is eligible for tax exemption under 80 G.
  • Contributions made to the listed trust and organizations are only eligible for 80G deductions.

  • If the donation is made foreign you will not be eligible for tax savings under section 80G.
  • If donations are made too much for one or more political parties you cannot help or ask for a reduction in those donations. Deductions cannot be demanded even for the printing of pamphlets, flyers and pamphlets.
  • NRI donations when made to appropriate institutions and trusts and are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.
  • If the donation is made on salary and if the donation receipt contains the employer's name, employees can apply for an exemption under section 80G.

Yes, individuals, firms, companies or any other person can apply for an exemption under Section 80G.

The only contributions mentioned in the Income Tax Act are eligible for tax deduction as per Section 80G. Donations of some kind will not be accepted. Donations are allowed up to Rs. 2000/- only.

Although your giving may not be explicit, the benefits of taxes on donations are well known. Some donations are 100% deducted while others are limited.

Yes, you can apply for an 80G deduction through your employer. To do so you will need a certificate from the employer stating that such a contribution has been made to your salary.

In this case the deduction will be allowed on the basis of a certificate issued by the employers or DDO.

As per Section 80G, no tax benefits are availed for contributions made in kind for example food, articles, books, clothing, goods, etc.

We process tax returns within 6 days from the date of the donation made online. Including the courier process takes 10 days for the release certificate to arrive. Offline takes 15 to 20 days.

We may not be able to give you a duplicate receipt. But we can send you a copy of the Income Tax Exemption Certificate.

Registration 12A is the first step required by NGOs to apply for a Department of Tax Exemption Certificate. Companies registered under Section 12A do not have to pay income tax as they are exempt from it.
In addition, the 12A Certificate helps you to seek approval from government and overseas organizations as the 12A Registration serves as official proof of the existence of your NGO.

An NGO with 12A registration is eligible to apply for a full Tax Exemption from the Tax Department.

The main difference between the two is that the first one assists the NGO in obtaining Tax Exemption from the IT Department. In contrast, the latter offers benefits to the NGO Donor.

Both NGOs and charitable Institutions may apply for registration under section 12 A.

Registration under Section 12A is valid for life.

One can apply for registration under Section 80G and Section 12A by visiting the official website of the Income Tax Department.

Section 11 of the IT Act, 1961 exempts revenue earned from a trust property for tax purposes, inter alia, to the extent that such revenue is used for those purposes 'in India'. Therefore if an organization registered under 12A spending income outside of India it will not be considered an application under section 11.

The organization may apply for registration under 12A within 12 months of its inception.

Yes! Both applications can be used together or can be used separately. If an organization intends to apply separately then a registration application under section 12A will be submitted first. It is very important to get a registration under 12A to register under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

The main difference between the two is that the first provides the registration process under Section 12A and the latter provides for the pertinence of sections 11 and 12.