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Public Limited Company Registration in Jaipur How to register public limited company

Public Limited Company Registration in Jaipur

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Introduction of Public Limited Company

The Public Limited Company guarantees a limited legal liability to its Members and Owners. The great advantage of consolidating this type of business is that the Public Limited Company is freely allowed to raise public funds following certain practices and regulations as well as the beneficial effects on raising capital. Although the regulatory requirements are much stricter than the Private Limited Company.

Here, it can be built with seven members and three directors without much financial need i.e. no minimum requirement of capital. It is profitable to establish such a Company where investors are large and include the general public. Shares of this type of business are freely transferred to the market. It enjoys the basic features and benefits as provided by the Companies Act, 2013 as a separate Legal Entity and Limited Liability.

Advantages of Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company
Preferred investment medium

While investing, the investor prefers to work more closely with the market and that is why it opens the doors for the Public Limited Company to attract more funds to the market as their shares are freely traded.

Public Limited Company Registration Online
Limited Liability

The Members' liability is limited by the amount they have invested in the Company and therefore, they are not liable in person and are a legal entity which means that they are different from their Members and directors.

public limited company registration fees
Listing on stock exchange

The Public Limited Company may register on the stock exchange by complying with certain procedures that increase the level of business diversity along with broadening the shareholder base and increase the risk.

Advantages of Public Limited Company
Easy to make investment

The Public Limited Company is more accessible and has many other benefits such as liquidity that makes it attractive to potential investors during consolidation and acquisition and has great borrowing potential.

Minimum requirements

There is a requirement of a minimum of three directors and a maximum of fifteen

Minimum of seven members required

Minimum one director of Indian residence

Require digital signatures of Directors and subscribers

No minimum capital required

Director Identification Number (DIN)- if applicable

Documents Required for Incorporation

PAN Card

Member and directors of the Company proposed Passport in case of foreign nationals

Proof of the identity

of the Member and directors of the proposed Company; (Driver's License/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar)

Address Proof

of Members and Directors (Service Bill/Telephone Bill/ Mobile Bill/Bank statement not exceeding two months)

Recent passport size photograph of the Members and Directors
Proof of Business Address Location of owned property

(Copy of Registry and Recent Electricity or Water Bill)

Proof of Business Address Leased/rented

Lease Agreement, NOC from Owner, Recent Government Electricity Bill or Water Bill)

Note: - In the event of an NRI or Foreign nationals documents of Directors and Subscribers shall be in writing or sent by an apostle.

Process of Incorporation of Public Limited Company

Complete the Application Form

You are requested to first complete the simple questionnaire provided by our expert team.

Processing Documents

In the second step, we will need the documents as per the questionnaire completed by you so that we can organize them as required and for processing.

DSC application

First of all the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate that includes E-signatures) needs to be prepared. This step can be ignored if it is already prepared. It will take about 1-2 days.

Availability of Name

The next step is to check the availability of the name. The name must be different and should not be the same as the name of any other registered organization. It may take at least 1-2 days.

Company incorporation e-filing

Once the name is approved, an online application is required to be submitted via SPICE+ along with the required documentation as received from the ROC client. MOA and AOA will be filed online. This process also takes about 2-3 days.

Obtain an Incorporation Certificate

Once the Company is registered we will share all documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, AOA and Digital Signature.

More Insights on Public Limited Company Registration

Choosing Company Name

  • You can check the availability of the Company name thus by logging into the MCA where you need to keep in mind two or three options available and the type of activity. Our team will assist you in choosing a company name.
  • Also, in addition to checking the availability of the name we also need to check the trademark if it is already registered under the proposed name which makes the online application for registration very effective.


  • If the proposed Director already has a DIN you can re-check whether the DIR-3 KYC has been completed. You can confirm the same with the help of our experts.
  • A private limited company is required to manage all compliance after the company's appointment such as the appointment of a formal auditor, the inception of business filing, Income Taxation, Annual Return, and ROC, and other compliance. We have a team of experts who monitor the dates you should comply with and remind you with emails.

Company Registration Process in India

Day 1 - 2

  • Document review and information provided
  • Digital Signature Certificate Application

Day 3-6

  • Checking name availability
  • MoA, AoA and other required documents to be drafted

Day 7-9

  • Application to reserve a name under SPICe
  • Applying for company registration
  • DIN application allotment
  • Application of PAN and TAN

How Paravue Advisors help you to achieve your dream startup?

We at Paravue Advisors guarantee a high level of satisfaction and timely delivery of your firm registration with better response to government needs through our professionals. You can contact our team on 099504-51000 or send an email to for public limited company registration.

Establish your entity in just 3 simple stages-

  • Opt for the suitable package for your needs
  • Fill in the questionnaire that takes less than 12 minutes
  • Provide the basic details and documents required to register
  • Make payments with secure payment gates

  • A Relationship Manager assigned
  • DSC procurement
  • Application for registration of company name
  • Drafting AOA and MOA
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN and TAN allotment

  • Require 10-12 working days

*Affected by Government processing term

Why you should choose Paravue Advisors for your assistance?

Expertise guidance

We will help you from picking up a suitable registration to getting your registration certificate. Our experts give you expert guidance on many of the processes involved in registering your business as a sole proprietorship, as well as service tax registration, sales tax, import/export code, and professional tax.

Filing Application

The professionals to assist you in the application are well-executed and can manage native registrations.

Registration Receipt

Our team will provide full assistance with the registration process. This can vary between 5 and 15 days, depending on the work done by the authorities involved.

FAQs on Public Limited Company

The term Public Limited Company is a broad type of Limited Company that does not include a limit on the number of shareholders to transfer shares that would not be made by Private Limited Company. It raises its fund for the public and accepts public deposits. The Board of Directors has the executive and administrative capacity of the Public limited company established by the consent of the shareholders. However, there is a greater compliance burden on a Public Limited company than a Private Limited Company.

It usually takes 8-15 days to register a company, however, it is a legal process, and making a timeline is not possible, Startups are advised to plan well in advance of the start date of their launch.

There are a few benefits to a limited public company as follows:
  • The magnitude of revenue of a Public limited company is much larger revenue than a private limited company.
  • There is no limit on shareholders and can be of any number.
  • In a stock exchange, it is legalized to trade.
  • Shareholders have the right to transfer their shares freely without the need for the consent of any other person.
  • Shareholder liability is limited. It means a limit to the approximate number of shares they own. In addition, shareholders are not required to participate in the day-to-day management of the company's business.

Yes, an NRI or Foreign National may be a shareholder or a director in a company. The condition to be a director of a Public Limited Company is such a person must have a DIN issued by the MCA.

The Public Limited Company deals with public finances and must make compliance much stricter than a private limited company. Other than the standard compliances to Income Tax, there are many periodic and annual compliance to be made by a public limited company with ROC/MCA, RBI, SEBI, etc. In addition, these regulatory liabilities will protect and promote the benefit and well-being of all shareholders of Public limited company.

To establish a public limited company anywhere in India, it requires at least seven shareholders and three directors; directors may also be shareholders. The requirement for a small share payment of INR 5 Lac, has been removed from the Companies Act (Amendment), 2015.

There are two of the following authentic options to register a public limited company anywhere in India:
  • Register a company by filing the Integrated Integration Form INC-29 with MCA.
  • Apply for a permit and book reserve any of the proposed names, in Form INC-1, submitted to the Central Registration Center.
    • Filing Form INC-7 for public limited company incorporation.
    • Submission of Form INC-22, Form DIR-12, etc., and all required documents.

No, it is not eligible for a startup.

In the case of a wholly-owned company, a copy of the Board resolution authorizes the investment in the proposed Indian Company and authorizes the person to sign the consolidation documents on behalf of the company, duly certified by an Indian Embassy official abroad where the registered office is located.

No, according to the Act, a director must be of at least 18 years of age.