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Design Registration in Jaipur Online Advantages of Design Registration in Jaipur

Design Registration in Jaipur

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Introduction to Design Registration

‘Design’ refers to different aspects of shape, image, blueprints, or decoration or the formation of lines or colors or your combination given a theme, which can be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional or both, in any production process or mode. The process involved in the creation of a design can be manual, mechanical, automatic or chemical, separate or comprehensive, where the finished topic is attractive and can only be seen with the naked eye. However, this does not contain any mode or standard or build or anything in just a mechanical condition.

Various industrial design are registered and protected through the Design Registration process in India. The entire Design Registration process is governed by the Designs Act, 2000 and the associated Design Rules 2001.

Design registration is a form of protection of intellectual property where a newly designed design used in a product created under an industrial process can be protected from counterfeiting. Design registration gives the creator exclusive rights to use the design for ten years, which can be extended for five years.

Advantages of Design Registration

Design Registration in Jaipur
Legal protection against design

The Design Registration process restricts other organizations from copying, reproducing, selling or distributing their identical design products.

Kinds of Design Registration
Provides a unique selling factor

There is no doubt that design registration gives a business owner a unique sales point. This means that with a registered design, business brand products get a different character and look from their competitors.

documents required for design registration in jaipur
Extended validation period

The Design Registration Certificate is valid for a period of 10 years. After the expiry of this validation period, eligibility can be extended up to 5 years.

Process for design registration in jaipur
Creates innovation

Since uniqueness is the main process of Design registration, the product should be attractive and unique enough to others, this encourages new invention and gives great strength to a healthy competition.

FAQs on Design Registration in Jaipur
Promotes Customer Response

Another important advantage of registering a design is that it simply attracts regular customers and is judged only by the eye.

Kinds of Design Registration

There are 2 types of design application:
Ordinary Application

It does not claim preference.

Reciprocity Application

It seeks the lead of an application previously filed in the convention country. Such application will be submitted to India within 6 months from the date of application filing in the convention country. The 6-month period is not extended.

Checklist of documents required

Certified copy of original or certified copies from disclaimer of extracts
Other public records may be made available for payment.

Process to apply for a Design Registration in Jaipur

Complete an application form

You are requested to first complete the simple questionnaire provided by our expert team.

Step 1
Processing of documents

In the second step, we will need the documents following the questionnaire completed by you so that we can organize them as required and for processing.

Step 2

We will prepare the required documents and arrange for e-filing. Our team will ensure that your request is accurate and free of errors.

Step 3
Grant of design certificate

Once the application has been made, the patent office will review the application, and objections will be raised, if any. The certificate will be issued. Design has a life span of ten years from the registration date.

Step 4

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  • Online submission of application

  • Verification and processing time

*Affected by Government processing term

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We will help you from picking up a suitable registration to getting your registration certificate. Our experts give you expert guidance on many of the processes involved in registering your business as a sole proprietorship, as well as service tax registration, sales tax, import/export code, and professional tax.

Filing Application

The professionals to assist you in the application are well-executed and can manage native registrations.

Registration Receipt

Our team will provide full assistance with the registration process. This can vary between 5 and 15 days, depending on the work done by the authorities involved.

FAQs on Design Registration

Design refers to the shape, decoration, pattern, line formation or colors, and any other visual element. The design can be two or three-dimensional.

An application for a design registration must be made as soon as possible after the design has been completed and before it can be shown to others.

Design registration is not mandatory, having a design registration protects the diversity and authenticity of the design.

An application for registration of a design can be made by the owner of any design, Assignee (jointly or separately), if the applicant is an Indian resident who does not live where his or her agent or representative should apply.

Design registration gives a patent for a 10-year registration that can be extended by 5 years. The design owner has exclusive rights to use the design in the class in which you are registered.

No, even if the design is registered, but the copyright has expired, it cannot be re-registered under the Designs Act 2000.

Immediately after submitting the application for design registration in an orderly manner, we are approved and the design is registered. Thereafter, a design registration certificate will be issued to the applicant. However, a separate application must be made by the applicant to the Controller of Designs to obtain a certified copy of that certificate for the purpose of enforcing the law, as well as the state-mandated payment.

Eligibility for design registration initially is 10 years from the date of registration. However, if a value claim is approved, eligibility if the design will be 10 years from the date of value.

Registration of the proposed design provides the registered owner ‘Copyright’ with respect to the design period of his or her registration. Here ‘Copyright’ means the exclusive right to apply the design to his or her subject which falls under the class in which he or she is registered.

As part of the Paris Convention, India enjoys the benefits of a priority claim. According to this claim, if the application is submitted to any conference country, where the contract is in force, any other design submitted within a period of six months will be regarded as the first date of application.