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LLP Registration in Jaipur

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Introduction of Limited Liability Partnership

The main purpose of an LLP is that one partner should not be blamed for the actions or negligence of other partners. It includes Corporate and Company features such as separate legal entity, limited liability, etc. In addition, it involves a few simple formalities and regulations.

People are often confused between the choice of their business to go with Limited Liabilities Companies or Private Limited Company. LLP is for those people who want to run a safe and risk-free business and do not want to maximize any future market support or raise funds and regulate less compliance business.

Advantages of LLP Registration

Distinct legal entity

According to the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 an LLP enjoys a distinct legal entity. The LLP is separate from its partners

Limited Liability

The legal obligation of liability of LLP Partners is limited to the amount of money provided by them which limits business risk and thus protects the assets of partners.

Fewer compliances

The Limited Liability Partnership involves a few compliance burdens compared to any other business entity which makes it cost-effective.

Low registration fee

The costs involved in registering a Limited Liability Partnership are much lower than any other business entity.

No mandatory Audit requirement

There is no need for a formal audit of an LLP. Only required in specified cases.

Adaptable Agreement

The LLP agreement can be modified according to partner requirements such as adding or removing partners, banking services, etc.

Minimum requirements for LLP Registration

A minimum of two designated partners

Require a digital signature certificate of one nominated partner

No minimum capital required

Director Identification Number of designated partners

Tangible or intangible asset contributions or other LLP benefits

Minimum one nominated partner to be an Indian resident

Documents Required for Incorporation

PAN Card of all partners
Proof of the identity of all partners of the proposed entity

(Driving License/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar)

Address Proof

(Mobile Bill/Telephone Bill/Service Bill /Bank statement not exceeding two months)

Latest passport size photograph of all partners
Proof of Business Address Location of owned property

(Copy of Registry and Recent Electricity or Water Bill)

Proof of Business Address Leased/rented:

Lease Agreement, NOC from Owner, Recent Government Electricity Bill or Water Bill)

Note: - In the event of an NRI or Foreign nationals documents of Directors and Subscribers shall be in writing or sent by an apostle.

Process of Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership

Complete the Application Form

You are requested to first complete the simple questionnaire provided by our expert team.

Processing Documents

In the second step, we will need the documents as per the questionnaire completed by you so that we can organize them as required and for processing.

Availability of Name

The next step is to check the availability of the name. The name must be different and should not be the same as the name of any other registered organization. You need to tell us 3 names. It may take at least 1-2 days.

Company incorporation e-filing

Once the name is approved, an online application is required to be submitted with E-Form Fillip and the required documentation as received from the ROC. This process also takes 2-3 days.

Obtain an Incorporation Certificate

Finally upon the approval, a Certificate of Incorporation will be provided by email indicating that the LLP has been incorporated.

Filing LLP Agreement

Within 30 days of business incorporation, the LLP Agreement as drafted by our team will be distributed and after the approval of the partners will be printed on a stamp paper and submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

More Insights on LLP Registration

Choosing Company Name

  • You can check the availability of the Company name thus by logging into the MCA where you need to keep in mind two or three options available and the type of activity. Our team will assist you in choosing a company name.
  • Also, in addition to checking the availability of the name we also need to check the trademark if it is already registered under the proposed name which makes the online application for registration very effective.

Normal Process

Day 1 - 2

Digital Signature Certificate Application

3-5 days

  • Checks the availability of the LLP name
  • Name Booking Request under “LLP-RUN”
  • LLP name reservation

Day 6-10

  • Making an LLP incorporation document
  • Applying for an LLP registration
  • Application for DIN
  • LLP Incorporation Certificate

Day 11-14

  • PAN and TAN application for LLP
  • LLP Agreement drafting

Day 15-18

  • Payment of Stamp Duty
  • LLP agreement filing
  • Government processing time

How Paravue Advisors help you to achieve your dream startup?

We at Paravue Advisors guarantee a high level of satisfaction and timely delivery of your firm registration with better response to government needs through our professionals. You can contact our team on 099504-51000 or send an email to for LLP registration.

Establish your entity in just 3 simple stages-

  • Opt for the suitable package for your needs
  • Fill in the questionnaire that takes less than 12 minutes
  • Provide the basic details and documents required to register
  • Make payments with secure payment gates

  • A Relationship Manager assigned
  • Application for CARN
  • Submission of all documents to Regional Office
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN and TAN allotment

  • Require 15-18 working days

*Affected by Government processing term

Why you should choose Paravue Advisors for your assistance?

Expertise guidance

We will help you from picking up a suitable registration to getting your registration certificate. Our experts give you expert guidance on many of the processes involved in registering your business as a sole proprietorship, as well as service tax registration, sales tax, import/export code, and professional tax.

Filing Application

The professionals to assist you in the application are well-executed and can manage native registrations.

Registration Receipt

Our team will provide full assistance with the registration process. This can vary between 5 and 15 days, depending on the work done by the authorities involved.

FAQs on LLP Registration

LLP is a corporate entity and is a legal entity distinct from its partners having perpetual succession. In India, LLP is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (“the LLP Act”) and the laws enacted under it.

Any person or corporate body can be a partner in LLP. However, one cannot be an LLP partner, if—
  • has been declared of unsound mind by a competent jurisdiction and an investigation is conducted;
  • an insolvent who is undischarged; or
  • has applied to be tried as a debtor and his application is pending.

Yes, the conversion into an LLP following section 58 and Schedule II of the LLP Act is possible. Form 17 and Form 2 are required to be filled to convert and incorporate the LLP.

In India, LLPs need to file their Annual Return in 60 days from the end of the financial year and the account statement and payment within 30 days from the end of the six-month closing date of the financial year. Unlike companies, LLPs are compulsory to keep their financial year, from April 1st to 31 March. Hence an annual return for LLP must be filed by May 30 and a statement and payment are needed by October 30 of each financial year. In addition to the annual MCA refund, LLPs must also formally file an annual income tax return.

With the LLP agreement in India, Stamp Paper must be purchased with LLP name only. However, the Agreement must be signed by all partners to express approval for all the terms and conditions set out in the LLP agreement.

The nominated/designated partner is like the Director and the partners are like the shareholders.
Partner liability is limited to the Partnership Agreement only. Designated Partners are responsible for day-to-day operations, liabilities imposed by the LLP Agreement, and for all penalties imposed on LLP for contravention of any applicable provisions that must be complied with by the LLP.

Some benefits of registering as an LLP in India are as follows-
  • LLP is easy to start and manage and has simple formalities.
  • It has a lower registration fee compared to the other corporate bodies.
  • LLP is like a company that exists separately from its partners.
  • There is no requirement for any minimum capital.
  • No partner is responsible or liable for the negligence of any another partner.
  • There is no need for a compulsory audit.

It takes at least two partners to start an LLP.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is allowed in LLPs under the default route subject to sector cap rules. FDI in LLPs will not be allowed in sectors such as agriculture, print media, or real estate business.

LLP has a business structure and operations performed through an agreement between partners. Here, partners are flexible in their approach and, in a traditional partnership, partners are jointly responsible for sharing any circumstance.