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Patent Registration in Jaipur Patnet Filing in Jaipur

Patent Registration in Jaipur

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Introduction to Patent Registration

Patent registration is done for inventions in India. The patent is a right granted to an individual or entity by a government that does not allow others to make, use, sell, or import anything other than the patented product or process without permission or consent. Patent registration is a key step an inventor takes to protect his invention from misuse. Patent registration can be done quickly with proper guidance and support.

The patent can belong to many things, be it a process, an art, a technique, certain things, a machine, computer software, the use of technology, chemicals, or drugs. The patent can be claimed by any person or entity seeking to protect an invention or idea. It could be of new process or product. Any business entity or person who believes in acquiring their patent must obtain legal advice from professional copyright professionals like us.

Advantages of Patent Registration

Patent Registration in Jaipur

A patent is a form of promoting innovation. If the applicant is granted a patent, he or she becomes the exclusive owner of the invention or idea.

Advantages of Patent Registration in Jaipur

The patent is like any other intellectual property and can be transferred by the founder.

documents required for patent registration in Jaipur

Introduction to a patent in India is important for business as a patent prevents its competitors from copying, selling, or importing their inventions without prior permission. In this way, the patent holder can protect his or her work in upholding the laws.

Process for Patent registration in Jaipur

Patents can be sold and licensed like other types of properties.

FAQs on Patent Registration in Jaipur

A patented product may improve product visibility and allow your business to charge a premium.

Eligibility of work for patent registration in jaipur

With the patient's exclusive rights, the patent holder controls the use of the invention for twenty years or more.

Eligibility of work to be patented

The Patent Act states that for an invention to be patented, the invention must be a new product or process that involves the invention and can be applied to the industry. For the invention to be patented, it must meet the following requirements-
Novelty feature

The material disclosed in this publication is not published in India or any other jurisdiction before applying for a patent in India.


The invention is not visible to a person with artistic ability when considering pre-publication/information/document.

Industrial pertinence

The invention must have a service to be made or used in the industry.

Checklist of documents required

Form 1 (Patent application)
Proof of the right to apply for patent registration. This evidence may be attached at the end of the application or with them.
If full details are not available, then provisional specifications can work.
In the case of a temporary specification, complete the details on form 2 within 12 months.
If the patent application is filed by a patent agent, the authorization authority is in form 26.
If the application is biological, the applicant is required to obtain a permit from the National Biodiversity Authority, before granting of a patent.
The source of the local origin should also be included in the case of biological materials used in the new invention.
All applications must be signed by the applicant /authorized person/attorney.
The last page for full/temporary details must be signed by the applicant/agent.

Registration process to apply for a Patent Registration

Complete an application form

You are requested to first complete the simple questionnaire provided by our expert team..

Step 1
Processing of documents

In the second step, we will need the documents following the questionnaire completed by you so that we can organize them as required and for processing. In completing the patent in India, one of the most important factors to consider is the adjustment of the patent definition. The whole process of writing a patent specification is special work that can only be done by experienced professionals only.

Step 2

We will prepare the required documents and arrange for e-filing. Our team will ensure that your request is accurate and free of errors.

Step 3
Publishing a patent application

Within 18 months, the patent application is published in the journal of the patent. An application for an early patent application can be made with the prescribed fee.

Step 4
Patent grant

Once all patent requirements have been met, a patent notice will be published in the patent journal.

Step 5

How Paravue Advisors help you to achieve your dream startup?

We at Paravue Advisors guarantee a high level of satisfaction and timely delivery of your firm registration with better response to government needs through our professionals. You can contact our team on 099504-51000 or send an email to for Patent Registration in Jaipur.

Establish your entity in just 3 simple stages-

  • Fill out the questionnaire which would take less than 10 minutes.
  • Provide the documents required

  • Online submission of application

  • Verification and processing time

*Affected by Government processing term

Why you should choose Paravue Advisors for your assistance?

Expertise guidance

We will help you from picking up a suitable registration to getting your registration certificate. Our experts give you expert guidance on many of the processes involved in registering your business as a sole proprietorship, as well as service tax registration, sales tax, import/export code, and professional tax.

Filing Application

The professionals to assist you in the application are well-executed and can manage native registrations.

Registration Receipt

Our team will provide full assistance with the registration process. This can vary between 5 and 15 days, depending on the work done by the authorities involved.

FAQs on Patent Registration

After the patent registration process, a person acquires an intellectual property right named after a person or company. If it is different, the government will grant you full rights to your product. It gives you full rights to create, use, sell or import a product or service and prevents others from doing so.

The patent can be filled by a new or assigned creator (alone or in partnership with any other persons).

The three types of patents are
  • Utility goods
  • Design patents
  • Plant patents

10 days before the official deadline, the applicant must apply for a hearing. If the applicant fails to do so, the administrator has the authority to reject the application without hearing from the developers.

In India, patent registration has a time span of 20 years.

The application for registration of a patent must include the invention details in the form of a CD or pen stating the name, use, and establishment data.

If the applicant meets all the legal requirements, the applicant must file a patent application. The submission should be made to the patent office.

Every year many inventions are patented and many are rejected because of some copied reasons. Therefore, it is recommended that you search for the patent first, to save time and effort.

No, patents are granted provided that the information will be disclosed to the general public. It is therefore impossible to keep it a secret.

This depends on the part of the application that you wish to protect. If it is a technical concept that you want to be protected from, then getting a patent is a good option. The technical objective should be to meet the authorization requirements set out in the Act.
If you wish to protect the logo and designs used, then a trademark can be very likely. The textual and artistic works included in your application may be protected by copyright.