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Online GST Registration Advantages of GST Registration in Jaipur

GST Registration in Jaipur

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Introduction of GST Registration

Goods and Services Tax, an indirect tax on government Goods and Services in India is a value-added tax levied on a wide range of goods and services sold for domestic and commercial use. GST is paid by consumers, but is sent to government by businesses that sell goods and services. Taxes under GST are divided into three categories namely CGST, SGST, and IGST.

With a view to eliminating a few other indirect taxes and creating a single tax system, GST was introduced in India. Also, GST helps to facilitate the collection and improve process efficiency. GST registration is required for businesses with a profit exceeding Rs. 40 lakhs for sale (Rs 20 lakhs North East - All hilly areas for sale). There were no changes in the limitations for service providers. Service providers need to register if their combined profit exceeds Rs.20 lakh (regular category districts) and Rs.10 lakh (special category districts).

Advantages of GST Registration in Jaipur

GST Registration in Jaipur
Simple and easy process

GST registration is a very simple and online process and can be done with the help of our expert advice. GST registration is permanent and does not require renewal and can be canceled when required.

GST Consultant in Jaipur
Input Tax Credit

Under GST the supplier is eligible to take the GST credit paid by the previous providers. This reduces the cost of goods and services provided by the end buyer.

Process of GST Registration in Jaipur
Less compliances

Under GST the compliance standard is low and has a cohesive return system. There is a great way online where you can easily upload your data and complete your returns without any hassle.

FAQs on GST Registration in Jaipur
Composition scheme for small businesses

GST composition scheme is a tax paying mechanism offered to small businesses. The composite scheme benefits in two ways i.e. minimized paperwork, adherence and lower tax liability.

Checklist of documents required

Digital Signature

DSC of Partners or Directors, for LLP and Company only

Passport size photograph

Copy of passport size photo of Partners/ Directors/ Proprietor

Business PAN card

Copy of PAN Card of business

PAN and Aadhar card

Copy of Aadhar Card Partners/Directors card/ Proprietor

Proof of Business Address

The latest electricity bill/ any tax paid/ Copy of Municipal Khata

Rent agreement

If the property is rented, the rent agreement is mandatory, otherwise a consent letter is sufficient

Bank details

Recent Bank Statement/ Copy of Canceled Check/ Copy of First Page of Passbook

Certificate of Registration

The business must provide a certificate of registration under the MoA-AoA/ LLP Agreement or a Title Deed as applicable

Registration process to apply for a GST Registration

Complete the questionnaire provided by our team.

Step 1

Give us all the documents according to your business category.

Step 2

We will apply for GST registration and get OTP for you as required.

Step 3

Within 2-3 days after the application is submitted, and after departmental approval we will send you the GST Registration Number and User Id and password to access the online portal.

Step 4

GST online registration process

Day 1

  • Consultancy for GST registration requirement
  • Gathering basic information and documents
  • Required documents to be prepared
  • Share documents for the applicant's signature, if required

Day 2-3

  • Preparing the application online
  • Application for registration

Day 4 onwards

  • Government processing time
  • GST Registration Certificate

How Paravue Advisors help you to achieve your dream startup?

We at Paravue Advisors guarantee a high level of satisfaction and timely delivery of your firm registration with better response to government needs through our professionals. You can contact our team on 099504-51000 or send an email to for GST Registration in Jaipur.

Establish your entity in just 3 simple stages-

  • Opt for the suitable package for your needs
  • Fill in the questionnaire that takes less than 12 minutes
  • Provide the basic details and documents required to register
  • Make payments with secure payment gates

  • A Relationship Manager assigned
  • Collect all the requisites documents
  • Preparing and applying for GST
  • Submission of required signed documents to the GST Department
  • Permanent GSTIN allotment

  • Require 4-6 working days

*Affected by Government processing term

Why you should choose Paravue Advisors for your assistance?

Expertise guidance

We will help you from picking up a suitable registration to getting your registration certificate. Our experts give you expert guidance on many of the processes involved in registering your business as a sole proprietorship, as well as service tax registration, sales tax, import/export code, and professional tax.

Filing Application

The professionals to assist you in the application are well-executed and can manage native registrations.

Registration Receipt

Our team will provide full assistance with the registration process. This can vary between 5 and 15 days, depending on the work done by the authorities involved.

FAQs on GST Registration in Jaipur

No, a person who does not have a GST registration cannot collect GST from his or her customers or claim any GST input tax credit paid by him or her.

The supplier of Goods and Services is required to apply for GST registration in the state where taxable goods or services are provided, i.e. the place (s) of the business. Where Business premises are located in more than one location, the use of GST will be implemented in more than one location.

If an application has been made for registration under the Goods and Services Tax Act, the competent officer will confirm the application submitted and to his or her satisfaction, the official issues a Certificate of Registration under the GST in soft copy. The certificate issued also refers to the GSTIN assigned to the applicant.

The event of the supply of Goods and / or Services i.e. activities such as sales, transfers, trades, exchanges, licenses, leases, or cancellations made, or agreed to be considered for taxable goods or services, should be considered a taxable event under the GST Act.

GST registration has no expiration date. Therefore, GST registration will be valid until canceled, suspended or surrendered.
Only GST registration for non-resident taxable individual and normal taxpayer has a period to verify as determined by the authority when issuing the GST registration certificate.

A person must apply for GST Registration within 30 days from the date of registration. In addition, the taxpayer and the NR taxpayer must obtain GST Registration at least 5 days before starting the business.

You can cancel registration in the following cases:
  • Voluntary Cancellation: A taxpayer may voluntarily cancel his or her GST registration number.
  • Business activity is suspended or the company has been strike off.
  • A GST officer has the power to cancel a taxpayer's certificate if he or she does not comply with GST procedures.

If you have your business address under your parents name you can file a GST registration with your business electricity bill and NOC of the person whose business address is registered.

Yes, of course one can take credit tax on goods for goods and services partly used for business or tax purposes.

There is no limit to the commercial name of such firms. You can sign up with any name you like.