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Types of Income Tax Notices in Jaipur

Reply to Income Tax Notices in Jaipur

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Introduction to Income Tax Notice

The Income Tax Department sends notices for various reasons such as failure to complete income tax returns, any errors when completing forms, or other instances where the tax department requires any additional documents or information. There is nothing scary or shocking about the notification. But the taxpayer must first understand the notice, the nature of the notice, the applicant's order in the notice, and take compliance measures.

After the assessee (also known as the taxpayer) filed his/her Income-tax return, it is reviewed by the Tax Department. If any error or discrepancies is noted in the file tax return, the same is notified to the Inspector by notice of income tax.

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Types of Income Tax Notices

The notices are issued for various purposes by the Income Tax Department.

Income-Tax Intimation under section 143 (1) - Warning sent to the Income-Tax department after the refund has been submitted to the taxpayer and processed by the CPC.

Income tax notice under section 143 (1) (a) - Issued to seek redress if there are any errors/inconsistencies in the return filed.

Income tax notice under section 139 (9) - This income tax notice is issued if the refund of income is defective.

Section 154 - If the taxpayer has filed his Income-tax return and there is an error, such as TDS credit not provided, then a rectification under section 154 is required to be included.

Income tax notice under section 245 - This income tax notice is issued to negotiate an adjustment of income tax return against the need for income tax.

Income tax notice under section 142 (1) - This income tax notice is issued for certain documents and details to the taxpayer.

Section 148 Income Tax Notice - This income tax notice is issued if the Auditing Officer has good reason to believe that the taxpayer's income has eluded the inspection.

Income tax notice under section 156 - This income tax notice is issued for payment after the completion of the income tax assessment and order approval.

Income tax notice under section 143 (2) - If a tax notice under section 143 (2) has been issued, it means that the return on income has been selected for consideration by the Auditing Officer.

Checklist of documents required to reply to such notice

Documents are required to differ from the type of Income Tax notice given to a taxpayer. The basic documents required to respond to an income tax notice will be:

Income Tax Notice copy.
Proof of the source of income (Part B) of Form 16, salary receipts, etc.
TDS Certificates, Form 16 (Part A)
Proof of Investment if applicable.

Reasons for issuance of Income Tax Notice

Income tax notice may be issued for the following reasons:

Returns are not filed.

Errors/Variations on income tax return submitted by you.

The discrepancy between TDS figures on your income tax return and what is found on Form 26AS tax department records.

Any financial transaction is made by the assessee with the knowledge of the Income Tax Department but missing out on the income tax return submitted by the auditor.

The Inspecting Officer requires certain documents and information from the taxpayer. For this purpose, you issue an Income-tax notice requesting those documents and details.

To conduct a review under section 143 (1) of the Income-Tax Act.

For any other purpose, the Inspecting Officer deems it appropriate.

Document required for income tax notice

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FAQs on Income Tax Notice

The response to the Income Tax Notice must be answered within 15 days of the information submitted by the inspecting officer. To expand, a written request can be made to the local assessing officer.

Notice under section 139 (9) is sent to the inspecting officer if the ITR filed with the taxpayer is defective or incorrect the office will provide a proper description of the defect and a remedial solution.

If the AO believes that the taxpayer is withholding revenue, he/she will receive notice under section 131 (1A). This notice is proof that the AO is initiating an investigation or investigating the matter.

Section 245 is an intimation and this notice refers to the full or partial refund of a taxpayer.

If there is a notice issued by the ITD, it will be sent to your registered postal address. You can look at the notices you received on the income portal but remember that not all notices are portable, in all notification notices, you can visit the ITD and ask your question there.

Yes, the Income Tax Department can also issue notices about your current account activities, if you have a reason to do so.

If you do not respond to the notice within 30 days the tax department will make changes if there is a certain pending requirement without giving you another opportunity to respond.

ITR-V is received from your registered mail ID shortly after submitting the ITR. If not and it can be downloaded to your account on the official income tax website.

Yes, you may receive more than one income tax notice in the same assessment year. For example, you received an Income-tax 143 (1) intimation and filled it out. However, if this is rejected, you will receive a second notice of Income-tax under section 154 for further clarification to the Income-Tax department.

There is no timeline defined by the Income Tax Department to resolve any Income Tax Notice issued. It will depend entirely on various factors such as the tax department's processing time, response time by the inspector, etc.